Imprezzeo is a visual search technology company. Imprezzeo’s main product, Imprezzeo Image Suite, is an enterprise grade visual search platform that is used by corporate, government and other organisations to overcome the limitations of traditional text based search tools when searching for image content within documents, databases and web pages.

Our patented technology provides developer tools and a Level 3 REST API to enable rapid integration of visual similarity search and facial recognition functionality into existing search and content management systems.

What is different about our solution?

  • We provide a uniquely tuneable and high performance image toolkit that complements and enhances existing search engines
  • We have integrated Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) and Face Recognition (FR) technologies to deliver a complete solution
  • Imprezzeo is a highly scalable enterprise solution that delivers significant improvements to the speed and accuracy of image search results across a wide range of applications

Imprezzeo Image Suite is:

  • Extensible to any existing search system
  • A scalable solution that can be used with small to very large image libraries
  • Easy to integrate into existing applications
  • Open in terms of both interfaces and its use of standards
  • Fast and efficient
  • Unique in that it delivers fully tuneable advanced similarity search and advanced face image processing and persona detection