Duplicate images in a collection can lead to unnecessary IT spend and add latency when searching for images. Imprezzeo provides a simple way to identify and report on exactly how many duplicates and close matches exist within your database so enabling accurate clean up.

This service requires no purchase or installation of any Imprezzeo software and can often be done offsite. Typically a fixed price service it delivers summary reports on image duplicates and close matches within any library. Output data is also available in a variety of formats so providing information for database administrators and business sponsors to act upon.

Duplicate Image Identification enables you to:

  • Identify any duplicate images in your database
  • Identify any images that are close matches
  • See summary and detail reports

Key activities carried out by Imprezzeo:

  • Assisting you with exporting the images
  • Ingest and analysis of your images
  • Generating reports and other outputs you require
  • Presenting you the results


  • Summary reports
  • Detail reports containing thumbnail images
  • Output data in .csv or preferred database format