Imprezzeo provides a range of professional services to support client implementations or where integration with existing systems may require development support. Please contact us for further information on any of our services:

  • featureImplementationServices

    Implementation Services

    Imprezzeo experts are available to provide any additional support required to install or configure Imprezzeo, for example:

    • Specify and then deliver any custom development you may require
    • Install or configure Imprezzeo products
    • Design solution architecture to support very large >10m image collections
    • Remove duplicate images when migrating data
    • Workflow design and integration with Imprezzeo
  • featureCustomDevelopment

    Custom Development

    The Imprezzeo development team is available to undertake any custom development required by our customers. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • featurePersonaCreation

    Persona Creation

    Where your application requires a quantity of personas, Imprezzeo experts are available on a fixed price basis to create these for you using your image data. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • featureTechnicalTraining

    Technical Training

    For developers, Imprezzeo technical training is available to ensure teams quickly get up to speed when integrating Imprezzeo software. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a proposal.