Imprezzeo Image Suite significantly improves the image search experience and enables more efficient workflow by providing users with quicker, more relevant image search results.

Imprezzeo does this by using images, rather than text, to search for images. The Imprezzeo software is based on content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and face recognition technologies and generates far better results because it identifies images that closely match a sample set of single or multiple reference images, unlike keyword-based searches that often return many unrelated or irrelevant images.

Imprezzeo is designed to be scalable to handle complex, high volume environments and is based on open standards so can be easily integrated into existing software tools and web platforms.

What's Inside:

  • featureSearch

    Image Similarity Search – transforms the image search experience

    Imprezzeo allows the user to refine the initial results of any text search by selecting one or more images that closely resemble what they are actually looking for. Imprezzeo then analyses the content of those images and retrieves images that are visually similar. Alternatively, the user can upload images from their own collection to start a search. Either way, Imprezzeo simply provides a visual search solution that complements existing search systems.

  • featureDeDupe

    Image Database DeDupe – increases image utilisation across the enterprise

    Imprezzeo Image Suite can also be used to identify and report on duplicate images in any size of collection, so enabling database clean up. Uniquely, it can also provide a real time de-dupe solution to manage live feeds. When used in conjunction with a workflow tool, Imprezzeo can also highlight or even prevent duplicate images from being purchased or archived by users. For organisations with image database performance issues, image de-dupe is also available as a service.

  • featureFaceRecognition

    Face Recognition – enables persona based search

    Searching for images of specific people in a collection presents unique challenges to any application because even different faces can be similar. Imprezzeo Face Recognition provides an approach and solution that works, even with editorial images. It allows users to search for images of specific people regardless of key wording. Imprezzeo also features face detection, so allowing for images of one or more people to be selected when searching.


  • demo1

    Image Similarity Search (Part 1)

  • demo2

    Image Similarity Search (Part 2)

  • demo3

    Facial Recognition

Key Benefits:

  • Save Time – Reduces the time it takes to find the right image and significantly improves the user experience for any user including picture editors, archivists and marketing and creative teams
  • Reduce Spend – Ensures images you already own can always be found regardless of keyword accuracy, so no more unnecessary spend on duplicate images
  • Increase Utilisation – Improves archive utilisation by making all your images searchable
  • Increase Revenues – For content owners, makes it easier for buyers to quickly find what they need as well as helping to reduce abandonment
  • Increase Performance – Increases system performance and system utilisation by identifying unnecessary duplicate images in your archive

Imprezzeo Image Suite is available as either a perpetual or subscription software licence; please contact us for more information or to request a meeting.