Where our business partners require support or advice with an Imprezzeo integration, Imprezzeo can provide both training and expert resources to supplement their team as follows:

  • featurePartnerTraining

    Partner Training

    Imprezzeo offers training courses and certification to help partners learn about its products and enable them to integrate and deploy Imprezzeo’s solutions.

    Available Courses:

    • Imprezzeo Image Suite (CBIR) — System Configuration and Administration (Two Days)
    • Imprezzeo Image Suite — Advanced system tuning and optimisation (One Day)
    • Imprezzeo Face Recognition — Setup and Persona Development (Two Days)
    • Imprezzeo APIs and advanced integration techniques (One Day)
  • featureCustomDevelopmentIntegration

    Custom Development and Integration

    • Imprezzeo’s R&D experts can help you develop unique solutions for your visual search requirements
    • We can also help with integration of Imprezzeo Image Suite into your licensed application or service platform