Imprezzeo provides a unique visual search solution enabling users to quickly find and manage images in even the largest collections.

Imprezzeo is deigned to work in conjunction with existing text based search engines and is scalable to handle complex, high volume environments including real time image feeds.

The Imprezzeo software is based on proprietary content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and face recognition (FR) technologies. The unique seamless combination of CBIR and FR technologies generates far better results because it identifies images that closely match a sample set of single or multiple reference images by comparing visual attributes.

Similarity Search works by analysing the actual contents and attributes of the sample set of images, including the colour definitions, spatial layout, shapes, texture and face information. Imprezzeo has developed and patented a number of additional attributes to provide better granularity. Once the image has been analysed, a ‘fingerprint’ is generated and it is this that is used to search for any matching images stored in the Imprezzeo Repository.

The robust Imprezzeo technology is built on Java and C++ and has been designed to integrate quickly and easily with all existing IT systems and image libraries. Imprezzeo provides easy integration into existing systems through its published SOAP/XML Web Services or RESTful (Representational State Transfer) interface. It utilises simple HTTP methods such as POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, for implementation.

Imprezzeo Image Match is built on top of Imprezzeo Image Suite and is designed to compare multiple databases to identify and report matching and closely matching images.

Product Architecture:

Architecture diagram